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My name is Virginia Desorgher, and I am running to be your next Mayor because I believe strongly that Greenfield’s best days are ahead of us and that we have the commitment, creativity and strong community needed to make this a city we can all be proud of and thrive in. Like many of you, I believe we make our best decisions when we make them together – it’s what makes any community shine brightly.


Greenfield has been my home for over a decade, and I chose it in part because of the economically diverse, hard-working people who live here. I’ve come to know many folks here through the numerous ways I’ve served Greenfield since moving here. People respect me and know me as the person who is always willing to listen to them and as someone who can relate to them.  

As Chair of the Ways and Means Committee, I have demonstrated a tenacity for fiscal stewardship and understand the importance of the City budget. I have a deep knowledge of the city’s finances, our strengths, and big challenges.  In addition, I have had the honor of serving on the City’s Planning Board and Commission on Disability Access which has helped to connect me to city residents, learn about our strengths and hear more about the challenges we face as a community.


My entire career, I have been inspired by helping people – as an emergency room charge nurse, as a City Councilor, and as your next Mayor of Greenfield – because I recognize our people are our most valuable asset. I’m asking for your support and vote in this campaign because I believe in dignity, decency, and transparency for all.

Support my campaign by getting involved or by making a donation.

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