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For those of you who wanted more specifics than the recent mayoral debate format allowed, check this interview with Monte Belmonte! Ginny sets the record straight on school funding and much more. Ginny comes on right after Jim McGovern, at 15m:25s.

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"We are asking ourselves, how can we trust that Mayor Wedegartner has the skills to lead this city forward? We truly believe Ginny Desorgher will be the "mayor for us all."

--- Jeanne M. Douillard

      and Armand M. Proulx

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Dorothy McGiver

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September 5, 2023


United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1459
August 3, 2023


The United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1459 is proud to endorse your candidacy for Mayor of Greenfield. As you are aware, UFCW Local 1459 represents nearly 5,000 working people across Western Massachusetts and Vermont, some of which live and work in Greenfield. We can not think of anyone better to represent the people of Greenfield, as such we are honored to stand by your side and offer our endorsement and support.


Greenfield Recorder My Turn: 
Bad faith negotiations undermined effort for schools

June 1, 2023 by Ginny Desorgher

When I became a city councilor, I never imagined it would be like this. Serving the community just felt like a good thing to do. I’ve lived in Greenfield for a long time and have come to know so many of its citizens over the years. It’s a place I have known and loved and am so honored to serve.

When Mayor Roxann Wedegartner announced substantial budget cuts to our schools’ request for 2024, teachers and other staff pleaded with the Ways and Means Committee to find some alternative to the proposed budget and fund the schools appropriately. Teachers have been leaving Greenfield because they simply couldn’t make a living here, and the programs that keep young people engaged and keep them enthusiastic about school were being cut. Read more of Ginny's  "My Turn"

Greenfield Community Television: 
Protest rally: Fully fund our schools!

May 25, 2023:

GREENFIELD — “I believe that the children are our future. We need to fully fund these schools.” Watch the video.

Greenfield Recorder: Greenfield City Council restores $1.18M to school budget

May 19, 2023:

GREENFIELD — “I believe there was an overwhelming response from the community,” DeSorgher said. “The community wants to fund our schools and I believe that was the will of the council as well.” Read the full article.


Greenfield Recorder: Committee finds $1.2 million for Greenfield schools 

May 11, 2023:

GREENFIELD — After completing a lengthy review of the proposed fiscal year 2024 budget, the Ways & Means Committee is recommending City Council reallocate nearly $1.2 million to the School Department.


“To me, it’s very clear from the overwhelming response of the public that the mayor’s budget does not reflect the will of the community, ” Ways & Means Committee Chair Virginia “Ginny” DeSorgher said to fellow councilors at a recent committee meeting. “Working on the budget has been frustrating, with legal questions raised early in the week and financial information sent from the executive branch roughly 90 minutes before our deliberations were to start.”

Read more.

Greenfield City Hall

Franklin County Now: Desorgher Announces Run for Mayor 

March 29, 2023: Greenfield City Councilor and Chair of the Ways and Means Committee looks to unseat current mayor.  Read more.

Greenfield Recorder: Desorgher to Run for Mayor 

March 16, 2023:  "Greenfield is at a turning point," says Desorgher, who added that she is committed to being a mayor for all of Greenfield's residents. Read more.

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